Sunday, May 09, 2010

New Porsche Cayenne 2010 – Technology Redefined

When Cayenne came into market around eight years back, the experts in the sports car arena made it clear that it could only be an SUV, but today, they tout it to be a Porsche. With the dissatisfaction of many people in North America, the Cayenne was revamped for 2010. Cayenne has been one of the most successful models so far that brought a lot of revenues to Porsche, and the New Porsche Cayenne 2010 has incorporated more elegance and enhanced look, when compared to its predecessors.

The new model is sleeker, meaner and also comes in hybrid variety if one is serious about maintaining the equilibrium in the environment while being off-road, cruising on the autobahn, or even if it just about picking up groceries somewhere. The front-end of the new Porsche Cayenne 2010 looks to be more aggressive with sharp end features, and is 5 cm longer than the previous models, but its silhouette looks to be racier and also compact in design.

All acclaim is for the Cayenne team who rationally combined the sporty exterior with an entirely new engineering work in the interior. The major innovation in the range of Cayenne 2010 models is the hybrid model which is a combination of sophistication and a powerful combustion engine coupled with an electrical drive. Other models in 2010 range include the Cayenne S and a Cayenne Turbo as well, where all these models have high quality interiors, but there are good navigational touch screens providing information, a restyled cockpit, and an optional 1000-wattt Burmester sound system. However, it is the engineering that beautifully differentiates each model.

The new Cayenne 2010 has been designed with ‘greater social acceptance’, as it has got everything from a gentler style to its cleaner appeal to its lighter weight. The backlights are less upright with a better horizontal shape, the rear side looks more pinched with improved aerodynamics, and the front grille reflects a less bluff face.

Available from May onwards, the new Porsche Cayenne 2010’s price range differs from type to type. It will cost around £41,404 for a V6, and a staggering £81,589 for the Turbo, and the Hybrid S may cost somewhere around £57,610 which will be the second priciest Cayenne on sale.