Friday, November 04, 2005

First view New Peugeot 1007

And what a ugly thing to see!! Lheckkkk

It was just like the one in the photo! Jesusssss ugly and yellow, small and slow! Could Peugeot invest money in something better?
It's not the size of an Smart and it's too small to be considered a real car, common what is this??!!
I'll try to find some reviews to put here the specs of the car!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fiat Tipo

I drove a few miles with my 1991 Fiat Tipo of my father and let me tell you something...
That car looks like a boat!!!!!

It bounces in the corners like hell, noone can feel safe inside that car! The noise is very loud for a 1.1 55hp car, anda the 155/70R13 tires don't help the cornering skills!

Dispite all that it was my first car and a still love it! That car know very much about me! hehe

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New VW Polo

I was able to test drive the new VW Polo
I like the exterior, although it reminds the latest one but i like this one very much!

The interiors are great, they look young and are very atractive! I liked the plastics and the overall aspect.

The 1.4 Tdi 80hp engine has more 5hp than the latest and is equally great! Good aceleration and top speed, but were it is better is in recoverys! Great results for a car with almost 1250kg!

The steering whell transmits a great feedback of the car and the chassis is adequate to the car in question, ofering nice corner ability!