Friday, September 19, 2008

BMW 320D Coupé price tag is...


This price is in Portugal of course, one of the most expensive countries of Europe to buy a car.

This 320D Coupé has few extras, only cruise control, different Rims and platinum bronze metalic painting.
And that price is already with 2500€ discount. Ouch!!!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Huge doubt

I've severe doubts about my next car...

I've a few that I like...BMW 320d from 2006, BMW 320d Coupé from 2007, Mini Cooper S from 2006 and Alfa Gt 2006.

What I like the most? BMW 320D Coupe but it's also the most expensive.
Alfa GT seems to be the same price as the 320D berline but GT is much pretier...Althouth probably less "car" than the 320D berline...

Mini Cooper S is a toy car, I would buy it only if I find a really cheap one.

What do you guys thing I should buy?