Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ever since Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1929, it has been producing cars which are nothing less than wonders, and that’s the why Ferrari today is the biggest name in the racing world as well as among the sports car manufacturer.

Ever since the first Alfa Romeo, Ferrari has come a long way. Not to mention that with each model it has inspired awe from everyone who has ever set their eyes on them.

However, this time again to take on the world with a storm here comes yet another beauty from the stables of Ferrari, the all-new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. As the name suggests, it is the Gran Turismo Berlinetta flagship model, which first appeared before the world in the Geneva motor show in 2006. It is supposed to be one of the car of the most powerful series of Ferrari, with a 6.0 L V12 engine it can crank up to a maximum of 620 CV. Being first produced keeping in mind to provide the lethal speed and comfort of the formula one versions of Ferrari, in the commercialized model, GTB 599 is surely an epitome of perfection. This two-seater is packed with various standard accessories which include rear LED lights, bi-xenon head lamps at the front, dual-zone climate control, rain and dusk sensors, adjustable steering column and many more things. The best part is that this model also comes with Ferrari’s signature personalization options, which allows you to make your car look the way you want it to.

The technical specifications are given below:
Body: Two door, twin passenger sports coupe.
Engine: 6.0 L V12 5999 cc, I bet you have not seen anything powerful like this.
Transmission: A rocking 6-speed manual transmission.
Power: 611 bhp at 7600 rpm.
Torque: 448 lb ft (607 Nm) @ 5600 rpm, which means maximum pull at all engine speeds.
Tires (front/rear): 245/40 R19 - 305/35 R20
Acceleration: 0 to 62 mph – 3.7 sec or 62 to 124 mph – 11 sec, now can you beat that!

In a nut shell this beauty just like any other Ferrari is piece of technological wonder and paradigm of looks and styling, you cannot think of anything that this baby is not packed with.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How To Choose The Right Tire For Your Vehicle

Fallen tires, Rota tires. Snow tires, tires for rugged terrain or for long distance road travel. Of all the parts to your car, Honda, Ford, Chevy, whatever the brand, the tires are the most important. People might spend thousands of dollars on their stereo equipment. How many really consider their tires and how important they are? The wrong tire can mean low performance and not paying attention to them can actually cause an accident.

Tires are constantly being redesigned for better quality, and you're able to get great tires that will help with your car performance and keep you safe on the road. There's many brands out there to choose from, Fallen tires or Rota tires or the 100s others out there. Which ones might be right for you?

Picking the right set of tires for your car starts with knowing where you will be driving the car. Think of your location. Will there be lots of snow coming up? Do you drive around in the desert? Maybe it rains a lot. Whatever your situation is, you'll find a set of tires that will suit your needs.

Are brands important? Absolutely. Getting higher quality in tires like Fallen tires might be better than getting a generic brand. You might want to talk to a trusted tire sales person to answer your questions about the better brands and sorts of tires that would fit your vehicle.

Tires, as stated, come in all sorts. Those that live in four season areas might consider regular tires during the summer, and switch to snow tires during the winter. There are also tires that are for four seasons, or for particularly rainy areas like Washington or Oregon. For every terrain, there's a tire for you and your local tire sales person will know. You can also check trusted sources online to find the tires that will fit your vehicle and recommended brands.

Another thing is the speed quality. There are some tires out there that boast they can run well at 150 mph. Considering speed limits in most states are at a max of 75 mph, how often do you think you'll actually be going 150? Not that often. So why not get a more durable grade tire that can handle more average speeds? In fact, those high-speed tires are actually made of softer material and will wear down faster than the tires that are meant for slower speeds.

If you spend lots of time on the road, you might have noticed some tires are actually quieter than others. If you haven't noticed then you probably shouldn't worry about it. If you have noticed, then consider a quieter tire type, like Rota tires or other brand names and variations that will make for a quieter ride.

There are other variations as well in performance tires, so you can go through different brands, like Honda parts, and see if there is a particular brand of tires you like, like Rota or the Fallen tires. The point is that you should consider your tire brands, the tire types and what tires might be more suitable for your vehicle. Simply being aware of differences and asking for some guidance can help.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BMW X6 review

Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW is one of the biggest names in the automobile industry ever since at premiered its first model in 1929. This time this German firm has unveiled its first BMW X6 based on the X6 concept which was first brought to notice at a 2007’ Frankfurt Auto Show and the officially marketable unit was unveiled at the 2008’ Detroit International Auto Show. BMW with this car has put forward a new genre of sport vehicle, this one is known as SAV or sports activity vehicle.

With completely unorthodox styling and the twin turbo V8 engine, this beauty is sure to arrest the breath of all its admirers. It has all the properties of an SUV like high ground clearance, all wheel drive and all-weather ability, large wheels and tires combined with the delicate classy essence of the coupes. It comes in two versions, petrol and diesel.

This beauty has got all the features of the regular BMWs but what new in it is the DPC standing for the Dynamic Power Control, which their new chassis technology, that takes the safety, handling and the performance aspects of the car to new heights. The DPC being a drive train and carcass control system which supervises the traction and looks over the under and over steering by radically spreading the driving force along the back axle. It also splits the torque across the rear and front wheel along with a further distribution along the sides of the rear axle, which gives the car superior agility and unbelievable stability. This innovative technology gives the car an added edge while handling the turns and corners and also prevents the regular wear and tear of the braking system.

Here are the tech specs:
Engine: 4.4 L twin turbo charged V8 engine.
Transmission: standard 6 speed automatic transmission
Power: 407 horsepower at 5500 to 6400 rpm
Torque: 600 Nm between 1800 to 5000 rpm
Wheel base: 115.5”
Curb weight: 4894 lbs

Veredict: Owing to the DPC, this SAV is gifted with almost an unbelievable handling and along with the V8 twin turbo charged engine this baby is hard to resist.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Catch the Jaguar XF

The all new Jaguar XF has been creating a lot of waves in the automotive market since the day it has been launched. With the features of both luxury and a sports car, Jaguar XF has been reversing the fortunes of the rookie money makers in the market. The car comes in luxury and premium luxury versions.

Though the car runs on 300 horse power which all other V6 engines do as well, the car reaches the speed of 0-60 miles an hour in about six seconds. The car is packed with a 4.2 litre V8 giving a 310 lb-ft of torque. It also comes in 4.2 litre supercharged V8 for 420 horsepower, pumping out 413lb-ft torque. The derivation is from a ribbed aluminium block making it sound like a chic monster. The gear function is manual and the suspension comes in two variations.

Talking about the Jaguar XF interiors, those who are above a reasonable watch and don’t compromise on comfort will never go disappointed. The car comes with detailing in design that is not only exquisite but dainty at the same time. The matte finish, high quality leather and wood trim are a few features that have been combined to give a blend of perfection. The dash board has all the functions brilliantly placed.
The Audio system offered on this Jaguar XF is Bowers and Wilkins, 440 watts and surround sound.
The shape of the car from some angles may look like that of Aston Martin, but is edgy and its buxom head lamps make it a Stunner.

The car has ample of features to make anyone weak in the knees. The car has been extravagantly designed by Iam Callum and his team and for sure would give the others a run for their money.