Sunday, May 09, 2010

New Porsche Cayenne 2010 – Technology Redefined

When Cayenne came into market around eight years back, the experts in the sports car arena made it clear that it could only be an SUV, but today, they tout it to be a Porsche. With the dissatisfaction of many people in North America, the Cayenne was revamped for 2010. Cayenne has been one of the most successful models so far that brought a lot of revenues to Porsche, and the New Porsche Cayenne 2010 has incorporated more elegance and enhanced look, when compared to its predecessors.

The new model is sleeker, meaner and also comes in hybrid variety if one is serious about maintaining the equilibrium in the environment while being off-road, cruising on the autobahn, or even if it just about picking up groceries somewhere. The front-end of the new Porsche Cayenne 2010 looks to be more aggressive with sharp end features, and is 5 cm longer than the previous models, but its silhouette looks to be racier and also compact in design.

All acclaim is for the Cayenne team who rationally combined the sporty exterior with an entirely new engineering work in the interior. The major innovation in the range of Cayenne 2010 models is the hybrid model which is a combination of sophistication and a powerful combustion engine coupled with an electrical drive. Other models in 2010 range include the Cayenne S and a Cayenne Turbo as well, where all these models have high quality interiors, but there are good navigational touch screens providing information, a restyled cockpit, and an optional 1000-wattt Burmester sound system. However, it is the engineering that beautifully differentiates each model.

The new Cayenne 2010 has been designed with ‘greater social acceptance’, as it has got everything from a gentler style to its cleaner appeal to its lighter weight. The backlights are less upright with a better horizontal shape, the rear side looks more pinched with improved aerodynamics, and the front grille reflects a less bluff face.

Available from May onwards, the new Porsche Cayenne 2010’s price range differs from type to type. It will cost around £41,404 for a V6, and a staggering £81,589 for the Turbo, and the Hybrid S may cost somewhere around £57,610 which will be the second priciest Cayenne on sale.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

2010 Ferrari 599 HY-KERS Vettura Laboratorio

Ferrari 599 HY-KERS was revealed in the recently held 2010 Geneva Auto Show. This car is the first hybrid car introduced by the brand Ferrari.
Ferrari 599 HY-KERS is basically designed as a VETTURA LABORATORIO or a laboratory car and features a 100 horsepower motor which is connected to a kinetic energy recovery system. This hybrid car is based on the Ferrari’s 599 GTB Fioriano. The V-12 engine of this car is linked to an electric motor which provides an extra 100 HP. For shorter trips this car can be operated in full electric mode.

The hybrid system weighs around 225 pounds and has a lower center of gravity. Well, the 2010 Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio has already created a buzz in the market. Ferrari’s approach to the environmental sustainability along with increased efficiency is truly reflected in Ferrari 599 HY-KERS. The compact, high-voltage and tri-phase electric motor of this hybrid is coupled to the dual-clutch 7 speed Formula 1 transmission.

Power is coupled instantaneously and seamlessly between the V12 and the electric motor. Ferrari has applied its Formula 1 design and construction in this car and the green color which is specifically chosen for this car, shows Ferrari march towards excellence. The price of this hybrid is not disclosed yet.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bentley Brooklands

In the year 1997, the production of Bentley Brooklands was halted to give way for Bentley Arnage. However, in the year 2008 Bentley Brooklands made a comeback. This car is extremely stylish and classic.

According to the manufacturers, only 550 Bentley Brooklands will be produced in its entire lifetime, thus it is going to be classy as well as rare. Brooklands is known for its well designed and appealing interior space. Adequate room, comfort and high aesthetics are some of the most distinctive characteristic of Brooklands.

This car has got a 3/4 –liter V8 engine, which produces as much as 395 kW or 530 HP. The engine in Brooklands produces around 74 lb-ft of torque, which is highest among all automotive V8 engines available in the market today. It can reach from 0-60 miles in just five seconds and the top speed of this car is rated as 184 miles per hour.

The amazingly flexible V8 engine has got a tremendous power potential in it. The sports exhaust and free-flowing air induction system of the car reduces back pressure, thereby increasing the efficiency of the car. Bentley Brooklands has got one of the most efficient brake systems which make your ride not only comfortable but also, safer.


Friday, March 12, 2010

My Scirocco 1.4 TSI

Well guys, my VW Scirocco already passed the 23000km and it's rolling like new... Super fast and super reliable. But you guys know that we always want more and I'm already thinking of getting the car a remap from Revo that will raise the power to 219hp which will turn this fast car into a small rocket, what do you say?
Should I go for it already? Or wait a few more months until the end of the warranty?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VW Scirocco

Well guys, I can only tell you that I'm the happy owner of a new VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160bhp.

The car is brilliant!!

Sooooooooooo fast and sooooooooo safe with lots of electronic gadgets. The DCC suspension is wonderful, in Sport mode we really fee the car embrancing the road.

The looks are great, whenever I pass by people always keep staring at me...I kinf of feel like I have a Ferrari or something.

Dinamics of this Scirocco are great, this car loves turns...
You need to test drive one of this to feel what I feel every single day.


Monday, June 22, 2009

New VW Scirocco R

VW announced the new Scirocco R.
This version has the 2.0 TSI engine tunned up to 265bhp with front wheel traction.
This turbo charged unit will deliver a massive ammount of torque in a FWD car, looks like an amazing car.