Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Alfa Romeo 8c competizione: A rear wheel drive with unmatchable features

Alfa Romeo has been amongst the best carmakers, which have been producing cars that are fast, look great and several unmatchable facilities. However, the latest Alfa Romeo 8c Competizone is a car that has a rear wheel drive, which has come after a wait of 15 years. Although, front and all-wheel drive cars have been manufactured on a regular basis, but they never have been able to provide the same comfort that rear wheels provide.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizone looks excellent having a getup similar to that of a sports car. On entering this wonderful car, you would be welcomed to very comfortable seats made of carbon fiber. Its seats can be adjusted according to your requirements. This car is known as driver’s car, as the maker has provided it with excellent instruments and robotized levers for gear, which are close to the steering columns. Robotized levers have made the driver change gears without even moving hand from the steering.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizone has an excellent engine providing smooth acceleration. The car runs fast and the suspension system allows you to have a smooth journey. Being in car having such comfortable interior, smooth acceleration and great looks would definitely pamper you. Alfa Romeo has made sure that you remain unmoved by the sudden braking that may arise. Safety options are also many shielding you from any injuries incase of mishap.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizone may be the perfect car, as it allows you to have all the necessary facilities at your disposal. The car would surely make it big in the coming days. Who knows, it will leave a mark that other makers will take long to reach!

Tech Specs
Body: 2-door coupe
Engine: 4.7 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Torque: 354 units
Power: 450 hp
Tires: 245/35 (front) & 285/35 (Rear)
For: Excellent blend of style, luxury and speed.
Against: Interior spacing is a thing that they can look forward in the future



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