Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiat Topolino: A stylish response to the need of small car buyers

The resurrection in the usage of small cars is quite evident from their ever increasing sales figure. This love for the small cars is surely going to stay in the market for quite a long time. This is the reason why most car manufacturers are coming up with small and trendy cars. Fiat is not holding itself back in this race.

Fiat has always been famous for small cars and the latest in line is their classy, trendy and stylish Fiat Topolino. Although the styling inspiration has been taken from the exciting Fiat design, but its micro dimension, which is just 3 m, would definitely give you the flavor of a fresh design.

Besides, Fiat Topolino features a totally modified and tailored layout. The engine of this car is mounted beneath the boot, which provides a lot of space to the inside of the car. As the car is very small, this space is very much important to comply with the safety and crash regulations.

If you are looking for a dare devil on the roads, then this car might not suit your needs and requirement. However, it would provide you with decent speed. It is equipped with 900cc two cylinder petrol engines. Apart from this, Fiat Topolino is also fitted with a start-stop system, which automatically switches the engine to off mode when not in use.

Another very important feature down the sleeve of Fiat Topolino is that it is very fuel efficient and environment friendly. The inside of the car is also very comfortable with enough leg space for both the driver and the passenger.

Technically speaking, this car will not be able to match up with the speed monsters, but is surely going to leave a long lasting impact on its consumers.


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