Wednesday, March 05, 2008

5 Cool Classic Cars

Of all the many things people love to collect, discuss and drool over, classic cars make the top of the list. Classic car shows devoted to the coolest classic rides, all in mint condition, draw thousands of people every year. Owners are shipping their classic cars from all over the country to show them off at the show. An industry that continues to grow by the day, the automotive world has something for newcomers and experienced gear heads alike. Some of the coolest cars still around today got their start decades ago when cars were built to last and look amazing all at the same time.

The Dodge Charger became a household name in part due to its recurring role as the tough and rugged ride from The Dukes of Hazzard. The 1969 model driven by Bo and Luke Duke quickly became a fan favourite. It’s been called the most recognizable car in the world. Today replica models of the well known “General Lee” are still widely available and regular sellers. Thanks in part to Dodge’s high powered Hemi engine, the Charger went on to become a legend in American muscle car history. After a few decades of laying the Charger to rest Dodge has brought it back with an all new modern look, perfect for those craving the legendary name of a classic car.

When it comes to cool classic cars there is no argument that Ford has contributed their fair share to the industry. The 1957 Thunderbird was launched as direct competition to Chevy’s Corvette. Though it was never sold as a sports car it boasted of the two seats, sports style look while appealing to the luxury car market. Naming the car proved to be difficult and cash was offered to the person who could create the right name. During a decade when most vehicles on the road were large and over sized, the Thunderbird offered a much smaller, sleeker alternative.

For a completely different type of classic car one needs only to take a look at the Mini Cooper. A production of the British Motor Corporation, its increasing popularity continues in the modern day. The very first Mini hit the market in 1959. Throughout the years it faced many changes and potential upgrades. Celebrities quickly embraced the Mini Cooper, making it somewhat of a fashion trend. Everyone from Mick Jagger to George Harrison drove a Mini at some point during the 1960s.

Another fantastic classic car is strikingly beautiful and famous for catching the attention of author Stephen King. In his best selling novel Christine, the title role was filled by a 1957 Plymouth Fury. With eye catching back fins and a body to make any car loving man drool, this car quickly became a great seller and classic favourite.

The heritage of classic cars just wouldn’t be complete without the Volkswagen Beetle. A partner to the flower child of the hippie era, this fun little car became more popular than anyone could have guessed. When put on a track against much bigger cars the Beetle proved to be a fighting contender and is still used widely in drag racing today. Cool classic cars remain a favourite past time for many people. Preserving the cars of yesteryear is an art, allowing us to remove time’s dirty fingerprints so that we may enjoy them for many more years to come.

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