Monday, February 27, 2006

Honda Civic Type-R 2007 Concept

The japanese car manufacter Honda revealed that they will be present at the 76th Geneva Motor Show and the Civic Type-R concept car release will be big news.
In unveiling the Civic Type R Concept, CEO Fukui will be joined by the Honda Racing F1 Team’s ever-popular driver, Jenson Button. Jenson will be making a brief “pit stop” from his busy pre-season testing schedule to help launch the exciting concept model to the press.

Civic Type-R presented by Jenson Button from F1?! Sounds like a fast car coming from Honda.

Here is a website that reveals some pictures and says that the new Civic Type-R will have the same engine as the old Civic Type-R with 2.0-litre and 200bhp DOHC i-VTEC.
It sure looks fast, and that high-reving Honda engine must have a beautiful sound.


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