Friday, June 15, 2007

Ford Roush Nitemare F-150

Roush has unveiled its 2007 Ford Roush Nitemare F-150 pickup, a 445 horsepower supercharged steed that will be produced in a limited run of just 100 trucks. Based on the standard cab version of the Ford F-150, the Ford Roush Nitemare F-150 picks up a ROUSHcharger that boosts output from the 5.4L engine to 445hp and 500lb-ft. of torque. Additional performance components include intake manifolds, intercooler, radiator, and air induction system. To further the performance of the Ford Roush Nitemare F-150, the Michigan-based technicians install a Ford limited slip 3.73 rear axle and have increased the electronically-controlled speed limiter to 105mph. They have also changed the cheap tires used by Ford and installed fat performance tires. Visual enhancements include a jet-black color scheme, a Roush front chin spoiler and a black aluminum billet grille. More sports cars reviews and motorcycle crash videos at


Anonymous truck bed cover lover said...

Elegantly sporty. Provides a lot of space not like the other truck beds of other pick ups. Just choose among truck bed covers in the market to suit your truck

6:14 AM  
Anonymous super swamper soulja said...

An ideal ride for off road driving. Nice lift too.. just change the tire into a utility vehicle super swamper tires and get ready for maximum extreme performance

5:29 AM  
Anonymous palaboy said...

The F-150 pickup has one of the best bumpersif you compare it to other vehicles.

7:12 AM  

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