Friday, August 05, 2005

Serie 6 BMW

The BMW 6 Series delivers stellar performance, brilliant handling, and that arrow-like stability that marks this marque. The 6 Series is a true grand touring car, unique in the BMW line-up. And it comes in coupe and convertible styles.

The 645Ci coupe and 645Ci convertible are essentially hard top and soft top versions of the same car. Bristling with the latest in technology, they are based on the superb new 5 Series chassis but are not simply two-door versions of the sedans. The 6 Series cars are modern GTs, or Gran Turismo cars. They offer greater luxury and comfort than the Z4 sports car, yet with higher performance, more agile handling, and sportier styling than the 5 Series sports sedans.

The 645Ci Coupe and 645Ci Convertible each qualify as an ultimate driving machine, yet either can be driven all day in perfect comfort.


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